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T D Mango Business Brokers Privacy Policy

TD Mango Business Brokers Pty Ltd (to be referred to as TD Mango) complies with the Privacy Act 1988. TD Mango collects personal information in the course of carrying out services necessary to our primary business function as licensed business brokers. This Privacy Policy sets out how we gather and manage personal information. By using the TD Mango Business Brokers website, you agree to the Policy as set out on this web page.

Collecting Personal Information

TD Mango collects personal information through everyday business brokering operations, including (but not limited to) receiving web enquiries, listing a business for sale, contract preparation, obtaining confidentiality agreements, email correspondence and verbal exchanges. Personal information is only collected by us in such a way that is lawful and fair. It is collected in order to provide further services to our clients and to respond to any requests or enquiries to the best of our ability. You are not obligated to supply information that we may request, however our services to you may be hindered by your refusal to supply such details.

In instances whereby you supply information to TD Mango about a third party, it is your responsibility to ensure you are authorised to disclose such information and to inform that third party that their information may be used as set out in this Privacy Policy.

How We Use Your Personal Information

TD Mango uses personal information in our capacity as sales agents for clients selling or buying a business. Your personal information may be disclosed to third parties in instances where such activity will assist in the provision and execution of our services to you. Information may also be used to promote and market our services, to promote and market a business for sale and to respond to enquiries and requests for information from interested parties (where it pertains to the sale or purchase of a business).

Personal information entrusted to TD Mango is never distributed to third party commercial organisations without your prior consent.

Where mandated by law, your personal information is retained for archives and record keeping to comply with legislative and regulatory requirements. As exempted in the National Privacy Principles, your personal information may be disclosed to third parties in relation to matters of public health and safety, law enforcement enquiries and legal proceedings and negotiations.

Security of Your Personal Information

TD Mango takes all reasonable steps to ensure that the information we hold is not subject to loss, misuse, unauthorised access or alteration. We endeavour to ensure third parties are bound by Confidentiality and privacy obligations to protect your personal information, including TD Mango employees, who are bound by confidentiality in respect to all information collected in the business’ capacity.

To the best of our ability, we strive to ensure the security and privacy of your information on our systems. While every effort is taken to prevent unauthorised access, TD Mango cannot be held responsible for any events arising from exceptional circumstances where your information is accessed in a malicious and unauthorised manner.

TD Mango employees are bound by confidentiality in respect to all personal information collected.

Access to Your Personal Information

You have a right to access your personal information. We endeavour to keep your information up to date. At any time you may request to have your personal information corrected. TD Mango reserves the right to refuse the amendment of information where it is believed that the request is vexatious in nature or if we believe we are bound by the law.

Changes to This Privacy Policy and Further Information

TD Mango reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy at our discretion.

If you have any queries, complaints or would like further information, please contact us by phone, email or in writing by the below avenues:
Phone: 1300 711 514 (during business hours only)
Address: PO Box 4814, SCMC Nambour QLD 4560

We seek to maintain our high level of customer service and integrity. Any enquiries made to TD Mango will responded to in a timely and efficient manner. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

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