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Tile Supply - Under near passive Management For Sale UNDER OFFER




Tile Supply - Under near passive Management For Sale
This is an opportune time to purchase a first time offered, leading, and fully independent premium tile supply business.

As Australia's leading 'independently owned' supplier of the latest fashion tiles the upside for a Buyer is enormous. The sale comes with access to key suppliers, contacts, key clients and a wealth of knowledge to be passed on.

An employee, who is integral to the business, is managing all the sales now and is keen to continue and excel in this role. This facilitates valuable ongoing service and continuity for the business, hence minimising risk. Thus, with the appointment of a trusted admin person, the business can operate on a day to day baisi quite seamlessly, needing just overall control of revenue and expenditure.

The invaluable relationships and knowledge will be shared. This will shortcut years of acquiring such important intellectual property. The benefit here alone is priceless.

This will include bespoke templates, a huge database, supply details, and introductions to major repeat clients.

The opportunity presented here for any industry experienced investor is simply top shelf.

Enquire now!

Price: $595,000 Negotiable WIWO

Broker Details:

Ken Dyce

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